Funzionalità 4D aggiuntive

Client Expansion

The number of Client Expansion licenses determine the number of devices that can connect at the same time to the 4D Server. These licenses are to be installed on the 4D Server. Purchase additional Client Expansions to add as many additional concurrent users when needed.

Used with 4D Server applications, client applications can be installed on macOS, Windows machines, and/or iOS devices.


4D for iOS

Take advantage of 4D for iOS and extend your existing business applications to your iPhones/iPad. Fully integrated with 4D. No prior experience required.

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To deploy 4D for iOS applications, a 4D Server (macOS or Windows) v17 R2 or newer license is needed. Your 4D for iOS apps will share the same license as 4D Remote (Client).


4D Write Pro

4D Write Pro is a powerful text engine, entirely programmable, and fully integrated with 4D and its database, allowing you to create complex documents and perform advanced tasks. Create invoices, letters, reports, and lists that automatically access information located in your database and merge them into the resulting document. No need to import or export to other programs.

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4D View Pro Expansion

4D View Pro extends your 4D application with a powerful advanced spreadsheet. The right tools for strategizing, building or working on your business. A new range of possibilities for users and developers alike, directly within your 4D platform. From simple inventory management to highly complex KPI dashboards. Create dynamic input forms, calculation lists, printable sheets and much more.

4D View Pro license unlocks advanced list box’s capabilities.

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4D Web Application

If you want to create a 4D Web application, this product is perfect for you. Aside from its flexibility and extensive built-in capabilities, the 4D web application allows unlimited access to the integrated HTTP server of your business application. It can be assigned to either the 4D server or the remote application (Client license). This will allow you to publish your Web server on a dedicated machine, such as a data center or provider, or multiple web applications that are associated with the same database.

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4D Web Services

Web services can be consumed or published. In 4D, consuming Web Services is a standard feature. With this additional license, you can also publish web services with just one click, either in DOC or RPC (remote procedure call) style. In addition, you get programmable and controllable security features, as well as, an automatic WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) publication.

With a high degree of flexibility, it can be assigned to either the 4D server or the remote application (Client license).


External data access

If you want to access external data sources, 4D provides two solutions. ODBC (Open Database Connectivity Standard) in case you need to communicate with any ODBC client that’s accessible via the ODBC driver, and thus manipulate the data and structure of a SQL data source. 4D for OCI allows your 4D database to communicate with an Oracle database. This means your 4D database can display, manipulate, and modify data that is stored in an Oracle database.


  • Access to most of the functionalities of ODBC 2.0 (Core Level, Level 1 and Level 2)
  • Support of pass-through mode
  • Programmable control of data and structure files of the data source
  • Clone 4D tables to ODBC tables and vice versa
  • Exchange data by value or address
  • Use of native types with automatic cross-conversion
  • Option to test available driver functions
  • Support for Binary Large Objects (BLOBs)
  • Debugger window to track the communication between 4D and 4D ODBC Pro

4D for OCI

  • Direct access to Oracle Call Interface
  • Support of PL SQL
  • Programmable control of data and structure tables of the data source
  • Clone 4D tables as Oracle tables and vice versa
  • Data exchange by value or address
  • Implementation of the deferred mode
  • Array processing
  • Support for Binary Large Objects (BLOBs)
  • Support for Character Large Objects (CLOBs)
  • Support for Oracle 8.16, Oracle 9, and Oracle 10